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Advanced Textbooks in Economics, Volume The Economics of Organization focuses on the processes, methodologies, and approaches involved in the study of various topics in economics, mathematical economics, and econometrics.

Organizational Economics and Physician Practices

The publication first ponders on the general resource allocation problem, particularly noting that a theory of resource allocation is formed by studying the deliberate and purposeful choices of individuals to provide a model for human behavior in the economic realm. The theory of exchange emphasizes that coordination and equilibrium must be formed to explain social linkages.

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The text then explains market allocation, and a number of propositions are discussed to show the dynamics of this field. The manuscript elaborates on transaction costs, markets and uncertainty, and behavior in the face of uncertainty. The publication also takes a look at the terms of authority, measuring of information, value of communication in teams, cost of communication, and budget planning. The formal organization of decision-making, hierarchical supervision and loss of control, alternative requirements of formal organization, and expedience and incentives are also underscored.

The text is a valuable reference for researchers interested in the economics of organization.

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Hess, James D. Handle: RePEc:eee:monogr as.

More about this item Keywords communication ; resource allocation ; coordination ; social linkages ; market allocation ; Statistics Access and download statistics. Study programme Do you want to make a difference at work? Why study this programme? Career prospectives This gives you the skills required to provide sound advice to other organisations or actively shape and improve the structure and functioning of your organisation from a managerial position.

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