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Matthew and Luke were next in the chronology. Both used Mark as a reference, but Matthew is considered to have another separate source, known as the M source, as it contains some different material from Mark.

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The Book of John, written around A. All four books cover the life of Jesus with many similarities, but sometimes contradictions in their portrayals. Each is considered to have its own political and religious agenda linked to authorship. What Other Proof Exists? The Book of Revelation is the final book of the Bible, an example of apocalyptic literature that predicts a final celestial war through prophecy. Authorship is ascribed to John, but little else is known about the writer. According to the text, it was written around 95 A.

Some scholars believe it is less a prophecy and more a response to the Roman destruction of the Great Temple and Jerusalem. This text is still used by Evangelical Christians to interpret current events in expectation of the End Times, and elements of it find frequent use in popular entertainment. Surviving documents from the 4th century show that different councils within the church released lists to guide how various Christian texts should be treated.

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The earliest known attempt to create a canon in the same respect as the New Testament was in 2nd century Rome by Marcion, a Turkish businessman and church leader. Disapproving of the effort, the Roman church expelled Marcion. Second-century Syrian writer Tatian attempted to create a canon by weaving the four gospels together as the Diatessaron. The Muratorian Canon, which is believed to date to A. It was not until the 5th century that all the different Christian churches came to a basic agreement on Biblical canon. The books that eventually were considered canon reflect the times they were embraced as much the times of the events they portray.

During the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, books not originally written in Hebrew but Greek, such as Judith and Maccabees, were excluded from the Old Testament. These are known the Apocrypha and are still included in the Catholic Bible. Additional Biblical texts have been discovered, such as the Gospel of Mary, which was part of the larger Berlin Gnostic Codex found in Egypt in Among the Gnostic Gospels were the Gospel of Thomas—which purports to be previously hidden sayings by Jesus presented in collaboration with his twin brother—and The Gospel of Philip, which implies a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

New Testament Questions

The original texts are believed to date back to around A. The Book of Judas was found in Egypt in the s. Dated to around A. These have never become part of the official Biblical canon, but stem from the same traditions and can be read as alternative views of the same stories and lessons. These texts are taken as indications of the diversity of early Christianity. First printed in , this edition of the Bible was commissioned in by King James I after feeling political pressure from Puritans and Calvinists demanding church reform and calling for a complete restructuring of church hierarchy.

In response, James called for a conference at Hampton Court Palace, during which it was suggested to him that there should be a new translation of the Bible since versions commissioned by earlier monarchs were felt to be corrupt.

King James eventually agreed and decreed the new translation should speak in contemporary language, using common, recognizable terms. They creatively draw out important theological truths from Genesis through the Prophets and offer practical ways to apply these truths to our lives today. This book is desperately needed in the realm of Bible studies. I love how Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament makes the richness of the subject understandable for anyone and is structured in such a memorable way.

Sometimes we act like our picture of Jesus is limited to the text of the Gospels. But as Jones, Farrel, and Dornacher show, the entire Old Testament is a rich source of knowledge about Jesus that has the same power to impact our lives. Simply put, this is a beautiful book. It is beautiful in its layout and artwork, and beautiful in the full and vibrant ways it illustrates the person, the work, and the glory of the Savior.

This Bible study is not only a creative outlet and expression, but also a solid study by the strong Farrel-Jones-Dornacher team.

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Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament is a theologically rich yet accessible and attractive study—a rare gem! It will appeal to a wide range of readers, from novices to seasoned students of Scripture. I will recommend it frequently. Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament is a tour de force , masterfully showing how the person of Jesus Christ is woven throughout the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament is a fun and insightful Bible study that I recommend to women everywhere.

Old Testament

If you want to engage your creativity while gaining seminary-level knowledge, this study is for you! Jean, Pam, and Karla have done it again! This study delivers the goods! All of scripture points to the centrality of Jesus Christ!

Key Features

If you want to dive in and discover Jesus in the Old Testament, this is your study! You can still purchase the hardcover version seeing that it is hardly dated. Be that as it may, the paperback edition is significantly less expensive. For students, this is huge. Another unique cost effective component is the lack of color in the book. All of the graphics and tables are black and white, and pictures are drawn rather than real-life shots. This may be a turn off to some, but the money you save is worth it.

My last observation distinguishing this survey from others is of authorship. To those familiar with my reviews, it is no secret that studying the Old Testament is still very new to me regrettably so. Walton because of this. Gordon Wenham, however, is without a doubt on an author I recommend to any level student of the Old Testament.

Overview: New Testament

Like Walton, his writing is crafted to draw students of the Bible in, regardless of education. He has authored advanced, intermediate, and introductory resources. I appreciate his ability to communicate with so much diversity; truly a gift I admire. This is an excellent text for anyone seeking to gain basic knowledge about the Pentateuch. Given the purpose, I cannot note any particular weakness. Even in the content, Wenham presents his position against others in a way that is hardly biased, as well as both fair and respectable.

I highly recommend it.

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