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The morphology and crystallinity can be investigated with spectroscopic techniques. In the study of materials, one of the key principles is that the structure at an atomic level determines the behavior of the material on a macro scale.

Spectroscopy gives scientists in this field the tools they require to develop the cutting-edge materials of the future. Publications Collaborations Projects Personnel Contracts.

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The Six-Yard Box

Log in. The public should know how particular surveillance programs work, at least at a high level of generality.

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THE generality of naturalists are of opinion that the perfume called civet, or musk, is furnished only by one species of animals. This, according to the generality of writers, is the only stain upon his character. But how froward, how hasty, how peevish, and self-resolved are the generality of professors at this day! Cherries and the generality of plums succeed very well either on an east or a west aspect.

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One has the generality of a primary law, though it is proved only by Agreement, namely, 'All gravitating bodies are inert'.