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The article highlights the advantages of using fiction as an effective tool to communicate messages about violence and reconciliation, and provide a safe space to address sensitive topics in post-genocide contexts.

In addition, it outlines some of the challenges of translating existing knowledge to interventions that promote reconciliation in specific socio-political settings, such as Rwanda, where the government has implemented a series of programs and policies to achieve unity and reconciliation.

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Article Tools How to cite item. Essentially, it's a political take on the idea of the singularity and it features two of my favorite smartypants authors, Tobias Buckell and Ken MacLeod.

Contributor Blake Carlton describes the anthology as dealing with how "fiction can be a mode of social change. Near-future paradigm shifts in everything from race relations in Ted Kosmatka's vivid and moving "N-Words," where cloned Neanderthals encounter violent hatred from Homo sapiens to the morality of uploaded consciousness in Blake Charlton's clumsy but charming "Endosymbiont" , with varying success.

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The hero of Jay Lake's "The Future by Degrees" invents an energy-saving thermal superconductor only to be pursued by corporations protecting their business, with predictable results. Pepper, the mercenary hero of Tobias S.

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The book offers an original and refreshingly accessible analysis of these authors, examining their status as major figures in popular fiction, but also providing a nuanced and sensitive critique of their novels within the socio-cultural context of their times. Students of twentieth-century popular culture will find Dr Macdonald an astute and readable critic in this authoritative guide to the best-loved fiction of the time.

Conservative Popular Fiction, 1920-1960

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