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Harvester is a typical small town, complete with both close-knit bonds and an insidious gossip mill. How do these two characteristics affect one another? Nell uses P. What about these novels does she find so comforting?

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What role do these books play in her relationships with others? Nell receives a series of cryptic letters after Elvira leaves town.

What effect do these letters have on Nell? Who do you think the sender is, and does his or her specific identity matter? What is the significance of the fact that so often, words on a page are driving forces in her life?

Minnesota’s Faith Sullivan has new book, a companion to ‘The Cape Ann’ – Twin Cities

How do these shifts affect the way we see Nell? Nell raises Hilly to be a gentle, loving boy.

How does this upbringing influence him throughout his life? Nell ages more than sixty years in Good Night, Mr. Leaving Lucy Pear is a mosaic of longing: a cast of characters wrestling with lives they might have led, keeping secrets that could free them, and building uncertain futures. With great empathy, Solomon transports us to an evocative and overlooked time and place in this morally complex and deeply satisfying story. It reminds me of books I read when young, the ones made me want to write, the sort that keep you reading through the night, unable to close the covers.

Anna Solomon is an extraordinarily gifted storyteller and we are the lucky beneficiaries of her gift. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. The first time, he takes Lark to go with him to catch night crawler worms for a fishing trip. Soon after, Lark and her Mama travel to Arlene's sister's house to help with Aunt Betty's very difficult pregnancy.

Lark meets a magical woman named Maria Zelena, who has medical potions, and who saves her Aunt Betty's life.

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Maria cannot save the baby, however. Baby Marjorie dies. Lark feels guilty and takes the blame, internally, for not catching the infant when the stork drops her. After the baby's funeral, Papa and Uncle Stan play poker. Papa loses four hundred and fifty dollars. He later sells their Oldsmobile to pay off the debt. Mama makes plans for Betty and Stan to get back on their feet financially.

Lark does not bite her nails while away from her father and Mama tells Lark she can buy a bottle of nail polish to paint them.

The Cape Ann

It is soon time to go back to school. Lark will enter the second grade.

Soon after, Hilly seems to be regaining his sanity, but the Erhardt ladies see a profound sadness about their usually jolly friend who came back from the World War mentally wounded, yet a hero nevertheless. Lark studies catechism each week with her friends and she experiences her First Confession and First Communion.

Mama wins grand prize at the Majestic Movie Theater, buys a car and opens a typing service. She saves money for the down payment on their new home. Mama is very resourceful, a hard worker and quite independent. Lark and Mama then visit the Brownings' home, where Aunt Betty is staying. Aunt Betty comes home from a shopping trip hemorrhaging and the incident is kept secret. Mama brings Aunt Betty home to Harvester with her and Lark. The second World War breaks out and Hilly is so devastated that he commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth.

Lark decides she will not go to the church anymore because the priest refuses to bury Hilly. He says that suicide is a mortal sin.

Lark refuses to believe her friend Hilly is in hell. Rather, she thinks Hilly went to heaven. As the family gets nearer to the time when they will build, Papa loses another five hundred dollars in poker.