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But what it sells is virtual. And that means awesome free cash flows. Each marginal dollar of revenue goes directly to the bottom line. And that makes Zynga exciting. In , some 2. Where Zynga has tremendous untapped potential is in poker. Zynga Poker was a first mover, and it has some 30 million active users to show for it. If you could cash out your chips, Zynga Poker would evolve from a fun online game to pure online gambling. Forbes published an article on PokerStars, one of the leading online poker companies.

Keep in mind that Zynga Poker has 10 million more users than PokerStars, which is estimated to have 20 million active users. Poker might not be what you think of when you think about Zynga, a company that is best known for family friendly titles like FarmVille and online social games. But it is in poker that Zynga could ultimately generate its largest haul.

There is little doubt that Zynga has the infrastructure and user base to turn online poker into serious profits. Forty-six percent of people are not a majority, but it is close. And over time, support for legalized online gambling has only grown stronger. I would venture to guess that online gambling will only become more popular as the government seeks new sources for revenues. Zynga is investing heavily in lobbying, something many suspect to be related to a goal to move Zynga Poker from a fun game to an online gambling center.

Zynga recently hired two new lobbying firms presumably to push forward with a message that online gambling is good for government, and good for would-be gamblers. So, are you willing to take a wager to double down on Zynga Stock? A value investor and blogger who enjoys discovering the hidden gems available on the public markets.

You can read more from JT at his site Money Mamba. Interesting — they would certainly be a huge play if online poker was legal. The number of separate tournaments within the WSOP has proliferated in subsequent years, reaching a peak in of Many of the main poker games are now included, each offering a healthy cash sum, a coveted WSOP bracelet and a place in history to the winners. There are even seniors-only, women-only and casino employee-only tournaments on offer.

Even he could not have. I look to have better than 20 next year. In , for instance, Jack Straus came back from a poker grave after losing a hand he thought he had gone all-in on. And now, celebrities are getting in on the act with a well-known actress winning the ladies event in Planned events in Biloxi and New Orleans were cancelled at the last minute following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. With all the big online poker rooms offering satellite tournaments, becoming world champion is a dream any amateur can now realize. The problem was how to translate the tension and.

The World Poker Tour excitement of big-money poker games to the screen. The answer was under-the-table cameras showing the television audience exactly what hole cards each player has. All that was needed after that was a prize fund large enough to run a small country; the natural greed of mankind and the glamour of instant and huge wealth would provide the rest. And they were right. Now in Season Four, the WPT, originally commissioned by the Travel Channel in the US in , is a worldwide television show broadcast on over channels with many spin-off shows, like the celebrity events or tournaments of champions.

One of the main reasons for this success is its high production values which separate the WPT from other televised poker shows. Providing the female glamour is Shana Hiatt, a former model turned actress and host of E! She offers links and segues, and quizzes those just eliminated. Admittedly these may not be the most searching of journalistic enquiries, but the show is about the tension and the money, and that is what it concentrates on. Sponsored exclusively by www.

The early 19th century witnessed many changes: the beginnings of modern republicanism; mass migration, not just to the New World of the Americas, but also through the colonies of the Old World; and the rise of an entrepreneurial middle class alongside the emergence of a powerful industrial working class. Both had their own ways of passing time — usually involving the possibility of enrichment. Poker dovetailed almost perfectly with the American Dream of advancement and enrichment.

Poker and Philosophy Poker as we know it was probably not played before the 19th century, but it is clear that the French mathematician and natural philosopher Blaise Pascal was fascinated by the numerical possibilities and potential outplay of the pack of cards. His theory of probability describes a mathematical function much admired by the more numerically-minded poker players, and the principles of odds were explored further by Fermat Widely regarded as the father of modern Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin, if not a card-player himself, was aware of the allure of the green baize.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky went on to write The Gambler, which uses the fatal obsession with chance as its central theme. Meanwhile, on the high table, literary giants such as William Faulkner were doing the same thing. Today, leading writers like Alvarez, Saul Bellow, John Updike and Norman Mailer have tackled poker head-on, while crime novelists such as Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen feature crackling poker scenes in their crime novels. Poker on the Page Sylvia Plath as a literary critic in the s.

But Alvarez is also a regular player and an insightful observer of the game. McManus put up his fee as a stake, entered the tournament. McManus now teaches what is perhaps the only college course in poker literature, at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Pozzi convinces Nashe to use his remaining money to bankroll a poker game with a pair of rich, eccentric recluses. What was supposed to be an easy score goes awry, and Nashe and Pozzi are set a very unusual task to pay off their debt.

The taut table dialogue is as good as it gets. Set mostly in American casino poker rooms in the s, the book is populated by the people who both play to live and live to play, and May brilliantly captures the ups and downs of their lives. Both Blues music and its country cousin, Bluegrass, are riddled with poetic references to poker in all its forms. As so often, many of. Poker in Song these songs seem to draw on a common folk or cultural memory, as if poker, like love and fate, is a central aspect of life, and needs no explanation beyond the song itself.

It is in this form that poker imagery has sifted down into Country and Western songwriting, as a lens through which the human condition may be analyzed, the game as metaphor for life and the way it might be lived. A dark cowboy tale, the song narrates the travels of a young rounder with his uncle, a steamy poker game which ends in blood, the uncle grabbing the pot, and a shocking twist when the rounder turns on his uncle, guns him down and makes off with the winnings.

Not surprising then that Bob Dylan picked up on the imagery of. Poker on Stage and Screen Not the most obvious of choices for tense drama, especially on stage where the audience cannot actually see what is happening at the table, poker nevertheless features as an important structural aspect of several plays and operas.

Critical poker scenes however have long featured as part of the staple fare of that most American of cinematic fantasies — the Western. Few genuine characters from the old West have escaped apotheosis as poker masters or mistresses on the silver screen in movies like Dodge City Curtiz, , My Darling Clementine Ford, and Tombstone Cosmatis,.

Facility at the table and the ability to detect a cheat and serve him his just desserts down the barrel of a gun remains a basic attribute of the Western hero. Undoubtedly, the prince of screen poker sharks was Brian Donleavy, clipped moustache , shifty-eyed and unscrupulous, but the mere appearance of a sweaty-lipped Warren Oates, snakeeyed Harry Dean Stanton or desperate and unshaven natural losers like Elisha J Cook or Strother Martin would normally signal a scene at the table. On the other side of the Atlantic, one of the few TV shows to focus on poker and the gambling life in general was Big Deal , featuring world-weary Ray Brooks as Robbie Box, scheming and scamming the smoky backroom gaming parlours of West London.

Poker on Stage and Screen Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Although arguable that this major post-modern Western movie is one of the great poker movies, it has a lot going for it. He had been slated to direct The Cincinnati Kid in but, as elsewhere in his career, had screwed up at the last minute. Brought up on a ranch, and steeped in Western culture his grandmother was a Paiute Indian Peckinpah was aware of the importance of poker as an intrinsic aspect of Western life and myth.

A grizzled James Coburn also a poker player came on board to play Garrett, while country singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson took on the part of Billy. The script was by the underrated and under-employed Rudy Wurlitzer, who also appears and is shot to pieces in an opening cameo, while veterans like Jack Elam, Harry Dean Stanton, Paul Mix, Chill Wills, Katy Jurado and Slim Pickens take up various roles through the movie. Not just legend, but truth, has it that off-set in Mexico the long desert nights at Durango stretched to endless hands of poker washed down with tequila.

The gun-toting religious zealot is played by R. The pot, of course, turns out to be a bitter victory, with Garrett riding off into a dim dawn and squalid death, shot on the side of a road, having gunned down his best friend for money. The 10 Best Poker Movies Poker features in many movies, the best of which are listed below but, on the whole, it has to be said that cinema loves the characters who play the game more than the game itself.

Howard is the best, and Stoner manages to make his way into a high-stakes match against him. See pages — Set in Chicago in , Robert Shaw is Donnie Lonnegan, a tough, no-nonsense man who cheats at the poker game he arranges on his usual train journey. Redford and Newman are conmen who target Lonnegan. Paul Newman plays a drunk, loud fool who irritates Lonnegan with his behaviour at the table. When Lonnegan and his henchman mark Newman with a new deck, Newman cheats and wins the pot.

He had to make a switch. Bob Roger Duchesne is a compulsive gambler but with honourable inclinations, shown by his help for a young prostitute that he takes under his wing. As his bankroll increases and decreases with every trip to the racetrack or casino, Bob hatches a plan to rob a casino of its safe.

Susannah York and Jane Birkin wear some interesting clothes. Rounders John Dahl, Spanning the gamut of poker scenarios from illicit backrooms to glitzy casinos, from Atlantic City to Vegas, Rounders effectively creates an alternative universe in which only the game matters. Lots of poker action and bon mots, and on the way Damon rediscovers his love of the buzz. Johnny Chan plays himself when Damon recounts to another rounder how he bluffed him out of a pot in Atlantic City. John Turturro is superb as a hardened, cynical grafter at the tables, while John Malkovich oozes cool menace as a Russian heavy-hitter.

Altman shows the attractions of gambling but also the fear, despite the fact that the two men predominantly win. Importantly, Altman does not judge or moralize, but rather lets the games play. But, in an amusing cameo scene, James Stewart plays an aging but elegant Wyatt Earp who, rudely interrupted at his game, shoots his antagonist through the table. Then calmly continues his game. Throw in the love interest with a wife of a revolutionary for standard Hollywood Robert Redford playing it cool in the overheated Havana. One superb line by Redford contrasts politics with poker, explaining how politicians cannot understand how it is sometimes worth losing a pot to set up a much bigger win later.

The WSOP Hall of Fame see page is a case in point, and every enthusiast is capable of building their own pantheon of his or her favourite players. Anyway, here goes, from the great and the good to the new professionals and a celebrity player or two. The Poker Greats Moss was a Texan from the town of Odessa and it was here that he learned to gamble as a young boy. He was taught how to cheat in card games and Moss put this knowledge to good use when, as a teenager, he was hired by a local saloon to watch over games and ensure they were played fairly. One time Moss was playing in Oklahoma when he spotted a peephole in the ceiling being used to spy on the cards, the information being relayed to another player at the table.

Moss, who always packed iron at the time, threatened to shoot the man in the ceiling and, when ignored, ended up wounding him. But it should be. He had come to Las Vegas in from the East Coast, having purportedly won tens of millions of dollars from playing craps and poker. He was a year-old gambler in search of the ultimate poker game. He approached Benny Binion, who set him up against Johnny Moss — and the rest is history.

While Dandolos was an inveterate gambler who eventually bankrupted himself, he was also a charming, intelligent and incredibly well-read man. He was renowned for quoting Aristotle and Plato and even claimed to have a philosophy degree from an English university, although nobody has ever discovered which one. The son of a rug merchant and the nephew of a wealthy ship owner, he was sent to America in at the age of He soon took to gambling, winning and losing huge sums on horse-racing, dice and card games.

Stories about Dandolos. The Poker Greats abound. Despite these Herculean feats, at the end of his career Dandolos was almost penniless, playing low-limit poker in Southern California. In this media blitz, Slim managed to have an entire episode The Tomorrow Show devoted to himself and Binion. Such was his fame that he also won a cameo part playing himself alongside George Segal and Elliott Gould in the Robert Altman movie California Split This was no small achievement for a middleaged Texan brought up in Amarillo, who had started out as a pool hustler and made his living entirely from gambling, touring the country with the likes of Johnny Moss looking for card games.

He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in People working for drugs baron Pablo Escobar once kidnapped him when he was invited to open a casino in Colombia. Worse than any of this, though, was his indictment on three charges of indecency with his year-old granddaughter. He has a poker column syndicated throughout the world and his own online poker site — doylesroom. In total he has ten WSOP bracelets, but he may never have played poker seriously if he had not suffered a terrible knee injury. Born in , and brought up in Texas, he spent most of his youth playing sports.

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Such was his prowess that he was an NBA draft for the Minneapolis Lakers until his knee injury curtailed his sports career. Disappointed with the paltry pay cheque from his one and only regular job, Brunson became a rounder, seeking poker games throughout Texas with sidekick Amarillo Slim. Robbed on many occasions, and frustrated with Texas gamblers shutting him out because he won too much, Brunson was drawn to Las Vegas.

So, my life will always be full of wins and losses. The Poker Greats Straight draw. It was a deserved win, as it was he and Benny Binion that had seen the dramatic potential of a freeze-out tournament. So much so that one day, when asked which golfer he would choose to make a putt for his life, Johnny Moss ignored the professionals on the PGA Tour and plumped for Pearson instead. Even among the poker and gambling fraternity — Straus was a huge punter on sports as well as cards — he was renowned for his desire to gamble.

He betted on a wide number of sports, in addition to his. He played it, went on a roll and won the entire event. He was also a keen traveller and hunter. But, in a world where names are made by money and tournaments won, Chan deserves his title as one of the best ever poker players by achievement on the felt. A player of great consistency, another constant feature is the orange he places on the table by his chips.

Considered by many to be a lucky charm, Chan has said that he likes the smell and it helps dispel the aroma of cigarette smoke. Like many players he has parlayed his poker prowess and winnings into solid investments, notably restaurants. Ivey grew up in New Jersey and started playing casino games aged Like many professionals enjoying the current boom in poker, Ivey has translated his table success into business enterprises and is one of the major professionals behind the online poker site — www.

With so many players today wearing sunglasses to mask any tells their eyes may give away to opponents, it is interesting that on the only occasion Ivey tried them he misread his hand. This is because Hansen is an all-action player, keener on putting pressure on his opponents and forcing them call a substantial bet than folding tamely while waiting for a monster hand. It is a style that has worked for the Dane, but despite such a loose reputation at the felt, he is an analytical player. A background as a ranked backgammon player in Denmark player informs his approach to poker.

This may account for his aggressive and successful poker style. Like many other top-line players, Hansen is also involved in a poker online site, www. Phil Hellmuth Jr. When year-old university dropout Phil Hellmuth Jr. By the end of the tournament he had become the youngest person ever to win the title, kick-starting a career that would see him reach the top of the game. As well as being moody, Hellmuth is also perceived by others as having a massive ego. The Poker Greats Despite his massive success Hellmuth is playing less and less poker these days.

Now married with two children, and living in suburban California, he has become a franchise having written two books, starred in a series of DVDs and started a clothing line. He has also launched a mobile phone game, is in negotiations over a realityTV series based around himself, writes a variety of newspaper and magazine columns and has had a doll modelled on him. For this fee Hellmuth can be hired to come to your house to give you head-to-head lessons, after which he will run a tournament for you and of your closest pals.

He is no poker professional. While he says he plays as regularly as possible at a professional level, he has a day job as a mortgage broker, a line of work he has followed since a condition he developed. The heart condition developed over a period of time. The death was brought on by his lifestyle. The tragic high-rolling life of Stuey Ungar reads like the text of a novel.

The bestselling The Man Behind the Shades is a factual account of his extraordinary life. In truth, the seeds of his demise had been sown many years before; as a child when he would skip school and help his father, Ido, run a betting shop from his bar. It became a favoured haunt in the s of wiseguys and gamblers, exposing the young Ungar to a seedy underworld of crime and limited responsibility. It was one of the mobsters, Victor Romano, who tried to nurture Ungar after his father had died.

Ungar was staked by Romano, thereby effectively becoming a Mob employee — which also gave him protection. He played in Miami and won. In fact everywhere Ungar played he won, due to an extraordinary photographic memory for cards and his clinical scrutiny of his opponents. One notable bet he won was with his friends, who dealt out four packs of cards leaving the last card unturned. His problem was not earning money — his skill at gin rummy and knack of learning a new game in an evening and then winning at it from then on, proved that. However, what he could not do was stop gambling it all at the racetrack.

Most observers gave Ungar no chance, including a bookmaker at the event. Hearing this, Brunson immediately declared that he would lay the bet himself. Not only were they playing for the championship, but there was a substantial side wager and pride at stake. Neither did he have a bank account.

The money that survived the celebratory party went into safe deposit boxes around Las Vegas.

Zynga Stock: Can You Play the Long Poker Odds?

After the party, Romano complained of indigestion, and the next day he was dead. What he did then was simple — he won. The rest of the s however proved challenging for Ungar. He developed dangerous drug habits, gambled huge sums, winning and losing equally. He was living in the fast lane. The s also saw the birth of a daughter, Stephanie, and the adoption of a son, Richie. But later, he was divorced from his wife, Madeleine and Richie, while living with Ungar in Las Vegas, became depressed and, in , committed suicide.

A chance for redemption had presented itself but was spurned as 12 months later he failed to defend his title, retreated further into the drugs that had overtaken his life and then died, aged 45, alone and penniless in November of that year. But in the months leading up to the event, he got the green light to head to Nevada.

And here I am. Keeping my concentration for so long was the hardest task of my life, but I managed it. At each break the guy who gave it to me would check up on me…which was really cool. Aside from the machismo associated with cool cardplay, somehow the heart, aggression and ruthlessness necessary to compete at the highest level were assumed to be. The Poker Greats attributes which women were unlikely to possess. Today, however, the poker room is no longer the preserve of men, and a generation of highly-skilled female players has arrived.

The only female in the invitation-only tournament, she knocked out Phil Hellmuth Jnr. Cloutier, Johnny Chan and the man who introduced her to poker back in the early s, her brother Howard Lederer. Her prize? Growing up Duke was a student more than a card player.

She majored in English and Psychology at Columbia University and continued studying Cognitive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania but, encouraged by her brother and her results in poker games back in her home state of Montana, she entered the World Series in Any who see Duke at the table though, one leg tucked up on the seat, and think she is weak are badly mistaken. On numerous occasions she has knocked Lederer out of tournaments, and those that have witnessed these on television will remember her wry smile, slight inclination of the head towards him as he stands up to leave, and then her busy gathering of his chips.

They are the measure of their achievement -but no longer for Jennifer Tilly. Stars in Their Own Right: Celebrity Players There is no reason of course why anybody from any walk of life cannot play, and become expert at poker, and indeed many do. But there has always been an interesting area of overlap between showbiz and the poker table — both worlds share the glitz and glamour, and the luxury trappings that success can bring.

And, as noted early, an ability to act is also a great asset at the poker table. Gambling had come out of the shadows, and in the ensuing years of the Kennedys, Playboy magazine, and annual James Bond movies, ability at the gaming tables became an important attribute of the suave, cool man-about-town.

However, the real action took place off set. And as the cop with the cute catchphrase, he almost had to have some one-liners at the felt. With the buy-in a reputed 50 euros neither was likely to be busted whichever way it went. She worked as a volunteer in charity groups. The Poker Greats and, when the opportunity arose, travelled with her card-playing father to Lake Tahoe to join in at the poker and blackjack tables. Who needs a college education when you can play cards? This makes him the only person in the world to have both an Academy Award and a major poker championship to his name.

So all the money he spent on coaching paid off. Going Pro? If you are thinking that poker offers the chance of a get-rich-quick future of untold riches, think again.

It was a Colt 45 in the waistband, sawed-off scattergun in the trunk, and an Ace-up-the-sleeve kind of existence. Today things have changed: now almost anyone can enter a big tournament through Internet qualifying rounds, and if they hit the money spots they automatically become celebrities, feted like Hollywood stars; but even these guys and girls have had to earn their chops through dedicating thousands of hours at the table or in front of a screen.

What are the attributes needed to make a good poker player, even a professional? Weight, height, athleticism — in poker none of these qualities would seem to matter. Anatomy of a Poker Pro Patience For most of us poker is a game played at night. The bigger poker tournaments span several days, and games can extend into the small hours. Without a doubt the single most important ability is to be able to sit through hours of gaming without losing concentration or giving in to the inevitable urge to do something rash or impetuous. Impatience, irritation, tiredness and simple boredom have lost more hands and more money than any other failings.

Patience will develop the more immersed you become in the game, and with it the ability to concentrate on the best way to play. Know your numbers A cursory glance through biographies and diaries of star players shows that they would rather base their decisions and hardearned money on sound principles like mathematics than on the mere luck of the draw.

With only 52 cards in a deck, the odds and chances of winning a hand can be calculated pretty well, if not exactly because a few cards remain unseen. It is a point acknowledged by all the good players. But a total disregard of the odds for a long period will surely make a loser.

Using mental arithmetic is what the best players do to minimize or manage the effect of luck. Self Control and Discipline Control for a poker player is not only about controlling or minimizing chance. It is also imperative that a player has self control. A bad player will become bored, risk money on poor hands, and wind up a loser. A successful player will wait… and wait…and wait, occasionally playing weak hands so no other player develops a pattern of his play, but still waiting for a strong starting hand to put their chips to work. Anatomy of a Poker Pro hands being folded immediately, they certainly have the time to chew over the subject.

Controlling the Ego When a game is being played, many personality habits and traits are accentuated once the cards have been dealt. But this is not to say ego does not play a positive part in poker. Any sport where one competitor wants to destroy another must be based on supremacy and dominance. The key is to spot a player with no understanding or control over theirs, and then to target them. Anatomy of a Poker Pro The business of ego is a complex one. Giving too much of yourself away before a game, at the table, or after a game can be critical.

Within most people there is a lust for victory and a warrior spirit, and sport for many provides an outlet for such impulses. But at the poker table, aggression should be regarded as merely a technique, a means of intimidating the opposition, not by snarling at them, but by developing a style of playing which is disconcertingly strong or unpredictable. Rather, focus on pursuing a line of play at the table which will unsettle your fellow players.

Stu Ungar could barely control his killer instincts, rashly often reducing his opposition to jelly long before he had milked them of their reserve funds. Merely a tool to be used to achieve an end. Great aggressive players, like Phil Hellmuth Jr. Every great poker player has never been content when beaten. Winning is an obsession for them, and that demands a ruthless attitude. Whether born with one or having cultivated one, a merciless attitude is ubiquitous among the truly successful. When things turn against them, they should be humble enough to turn it to their advantage.

While Phil Hellmuth Jr. Having mucked their cards. Anatomy of a Poker Pro good players will concentrate on the others, seeking an advantage or tell to utilise later.

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Whether or not you can turn in the day job is a different matter. But practice is the key to it all: the more you play, the more you will build up a bank of useful experience. And today practice is easy, with so many of the online sites offering schools and tutorials, and providing enough play money games for you to forget about the bankroll.

Until you are ready — then go for it. Deal Me In! Glenn McDonald A useful book for online beginners. Full of useful tips and analysis. Courting Lady Luck Poker may largely be a game of skill requiring a knowledge of human psychology and mathematics to help calculate odds, but still there is an ever-present element of luck or chance. Sometimes even the best players in the world will get outdrawn, and stories of even the top let alone over-the-top players going broke are legion.

Legends like Stu Ungar and Puggy Pearson went bust on numerous occasions; they used their reputations to scavenge, beg and borrow a bankroll from somewhere — other poker playing friends usually — to get them playing again, but for most going bust is life changing. It can signal a new, positive direction, or sometimes be life-destroying. In this modern world where someone, somewhere, is always to blame and morality is enforced, organizations exist to help everybody in everything.

Gambling has plenty of support networks and groups and they do very good work for those with a problem. Remember though, no one in poker likes bad beat stories. If you lost a bundle on a bad play, it may not be a gambling problem that requires external help and sympathy. It may just demand a closer study of the game and of the odds. You may simply need to improve your game. This is not to say that gambling is not addictive. For some it is just like chocolate, alcohol, sex and shopping.

For many, it is this vital element, tempting fate on a high roll, which proves addictive.

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The rapid development of poker online has undoubtedly given cause to widespread reservations about the suitability, and danger, of ready access to a potentially ruinous activity. This, combined with other matrices of the modern global infrastructure credit lines and credit cards, globalized networks, and exploitation of unregulated systems by organized crime are entirely legitimate causes for concern. But ultimately, in the developed West at least, we worship at the shrine of competition and individual choice.

Self-regulation is the supplication if not the prayer. One simple self-administered test is to turn the computer off for a couple of days or more and not play any poker at all. If you cannot do that, then you may have a problem and should probably contemplate outside help. If you can manage it, but still lose money when you play, then the problem is your skill level, or your bankroll management.

Or maybe you are simply playing in too expensive a game. Gamblers Anonymous www. Gamblers Anonymous GA is a global self-help group that started in when two men met, both of whom were experiencing problems with gambling. Because Gamblers Anonymous believe that those who suffer have a progressive illness, caution every day is their sentiment. GA have a set of questions that people can access in hard copy or Online.

You need to answer these honestly, to gauge whether you do indeed have a problem or a potential problem. Most obsessive types will instinctively play down their answers while, of course, many successful gamblers will be able to answer yes to many if not most, of the questions. But this is where the buck stops with self-regulation. Best not to judge yourself against others and be absolutely honest. Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?

After a win did you have a strong urge to return and win more? Did you often gamble until your last dollar was gone? Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?

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Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned? Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble? Most compulsive gamblers will answer yes to seven or more! Registered as a charity in the United Kingdom, GAMCARE accepts legal gambling and the freedom of choice of people to pursue such activities, but is concerned with the damage gambling may do to some. Rather than preach, it hopes to help promote responsible attitudes to gambling and to work for the proper care for those affected by gambling.

The Gamcare website and helpline number and offer counselling, advice and fact sheets, and also try to work across many social areas like schools and colleges to educate young people As with Gamblers Anonymous, there is a facility for self-help and self-assessment on their website. Around the world most countries have counselling services for problem gamblers and indeed many individual US states and the bigger cities do as well. The National Council on Problem Gambling www. And to accommodate this demand, brick and mortar poker rooms in serious decline throughout the s and at risk of disappearing completely, have been opening and reopening everywhere.

The world is now awash with places to play so if you fancy it, take your pick from the plethora of global venues listed below. Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, California, Irausquin Boulevard , Palm Beach, Aruba www. Casino Planet Basanaviciaus 4, Vilnius, www.

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Krucza 28, Warsaw, www. Krowleska 11, Warsaw, www. Useful poker websites www. Useful Poker Websites www. Summary of events, tournament schedules, news and history. The selection of inductees is, to say the least, esoteric, but it remains an interesting list. He died in aged Red Winn A great all-rounder rounder. And a player with the right name. Eat your hearts out onliners.

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Play was suspended at The Dunes for two minutes to mark his funeral in Lived fast, died young. See pages Having suffered a heart attack at the table he calmly asked another player to mind his chips and save his seat, intending to return. He died later that night. What an exit. Selected for the Hall of Fame in , he was enshrined the year after his death. See pages 40— Reese was born in Ohio and attended Dartmouth College, playing poker from his boyhood, initially for baseball cards.

Six Tips to be a Smarter Video Poker Player – Part 1 – with Gambling Author Henry Tamburin

Rarely seen at major tournaments in recent years, he nevertheless remains a household name. He specialized in Five-Card Stud. Now, when are WSOP going to inaugurate any women? Entertainment Lyndon B. Richard M. Harry S. Poker Culture 5. Indeed, poker has 5 cropped up in hundreds of movies, not least The Cincinnati Kid, and makes for a potent metaphor. Poker Today gambling methods.

But what Binion never knew was that Murphy and Tabish — his girlfriend and the man who knew the location of his secret vault — were secret Poker History lovers. Canine CAP each round of betting has a cap, normally of 4, so there can be a maximum of one bet and three raises.

The hardest part of a game company, though, is to keep reinventing yourself with new products, and I think Zynga has stalled a bit on that front. Yes, definitely on the basis it might be legal. But they have a few good titles and somewhat of a decent economic moat. I will pass on Zynga for now. They might prosper if online poker is legalized but they would have to make some major software changes. The way it is setup now it is pretty easy to cheat. As for Farmville, please. I would rather find something to do outside or with family and friends in person. Farmville caused me to hate everything Zynga.

Interesting thoughts and analysis, let us know how it works out. Good luck. Your email address will not be published. The Social Gaming Business Model Unlike other social media and gaming companies, Zynga derives revenues from sales to users. Can Zynga Thrive on Poker? Consider the following: Zynga attracts a unique crowd — Zynga users are not your typical poker players.

It draws people from all walks of life; people who likely thought they would never ever pay for a single online game, yet millions do each month. Zynga has the power of a network — Zynga is the king of producing titles for social gaming platforms. When you want a game that you know your friends will have, you naturally pick the Zynga title. The power of the network effect is a very strong economic moat. Zynga has the lowest cost marketing — Zynga cross promotes new games to existing users, meaning that it can grab new gamblers at a much lower cost than other poker stalwarts.

The company can push its Zynga Poker game to its millions of users with a few lines of code. No casino, online or offline, has that same power.