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Motley: a Memoir. I2mo, Boston, 2. Boston, 1. Science: a Poem. Passion Flowers. Boston, I'SO Fearful Responsibility.

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Breen's Practice. Miscellaneous Woiks. Plays and Players. New York, S. The Leper, and other Poems. Edwy and Elgira. Records of New York Stage. Bom at NiW York , d. The Uteranr Picture Gallery etc. Panldmg], 2 toIs. New York, I2. Memoirs of Davidson. Folio, New York, Book of the Hudson edited. New York, 3-oo Tales of a Traveller revised ed. A Passionate Pilgrim. Notes on the State of Virginia. New York Aiistocnicy. New Yoik, 1 2. The Mountain Torrent.

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New Yrok, 1. Margaret: a Tale. Svo, New Yoik, 18C4 2. Speeiineiis of Americaa Fdetiy edited. New Yofk, 3. The Genius of liCasoiiiT. Martha J. History of the City of New York. Saratoga Perkins' Daughter. Rose and Roof Tree. The Trial of Virtue. The Poetry and Mystery of Dreams. South Songs edited. Diirers Views, etc Cimicinnat], 1. Poems: selected from The Un. States Literary Gasette, with 14 Poems of Longfellow.

Manrique transl. New York, The Voices of the Night. Ills, istsep. I2mo, Boston, OO Aftermath. I2mO Boston, i. Pictorial Field-Book of Revolution, Ills. Anderson, ist Am. Cambridge, OO My First Client. I2mo, New York, 2. O0 Under the Willow, etc. Containing a new poem on Agassis. Privately printed. Fresh Hearts that Failed, etc. Scmgs, Odes and other Poems, on National Subjects, collected from various soorces. A Year in Spain. New Yoik, Letters and other Writings collected. The Patriotic Chief. Svo, New York, 2. Cannon Flashes and Penn-dashes. Loa Mather, Cotton. Bom im Massachusetts , d. Poems on Man.

MississippUn Scenery s a Poem. Mohamed: a Tragedy. Uk Marvell. Fresh Gleanings. I2mo, New York, 1.

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  6. I2mo, New Yoxk, 1. Songs of American Revolution ed. Svo, New York, I. PfaHadd- phia,i83Q 1. Crania Americaiia. Hap and 78 plates. Svo, New York, i86i-S Svo, New York. New York, 1 iwOO Plajs enlarged ed. GbraddockJ Stones in the Tenaesne Monniains. The Legend of the Rociss.

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    Kan J Okphens Ken Papers. I2ma, l. New York. The Fortress of Sorrento, i8mo. New York, iSo8 2. The Communistic Societies of the United States. Dante's ViU Nuora transl. Canoeing in Kanuckia with Habberton. History of American Socialism. Svo, Philadelphia, 2. Nye and His Mole Boomerang. History of New Netherland. Printed in America to i The Confessions of a Poet.

    The Poetry of Flowers. Bom of TnmUm, Mass. The Invention of Letters. Svo, Boston, I5ii 2. Bom in Massackusetts , d, i88i. History of New England. Bom in Boston, Mass,, The California and Oregon Trail. Miscellaneotis Poems and Essays. Salmagundi with Irring. Bom at New York, , d. Lovers' Vows. Bam in CamuiHemi , d. New Haven, 3. New Haven, 2. Califomian Verses.

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    Francisco, 1. Lectures and Letters. Q0 The Year: a Poem. The Anti slavery Poems. Bant at Boston , d, Tamerlane, and other Poems. Poems called 2d ed. Richmond, Philadelphia, 7. Phfladelphia, New York, 3,00 Works new and complete ed. New York, 9. Black Diamonds. New York, 18C9 i. Ills, 4 vols. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella.

    Svo, Kew Yock, 3. Soppfemoit to Robotsoo. The Owl Cfcdc Letteis. I2bo, Mev Yock, 4. The Bond Maid. Mew York, 1. The Dedaration of Independence. Zamba: a Dramatic Poem. Hot Com. American Loyalists. Hie Bridal of Vaumond. Salad for the Social. B, The Rise of the West. K, c8oi, d. Moilil Pieces, in Prose and Verse. I2bio, 1. Ills, by Darky.

    I2mo, Hartford, C, , d. Lyrical and other Poems. C 0 The Social Principle oration. Ist series. New York, 1 1. Phfladelphia, I. Charleston, i 1. New York, 1S Poetical Writings. New York, r. Downing of the DowningsviDe BKlitia. Washington, left at Mount Vernon. Thief in the Night. New York, l. Oo Sprague, Charles. Curiosity, 8vo, Boston, 2. Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley with El. Da- vis. New York,i87o 2. Poems: Lyrical and Idyllic. Colored Plates. Frothingham, i6mo, 1. War between the States. Incidents of Travels in Egypt, Arabia, etc.

    Letters from the Prison Ships of the Revolution edited. Poetical Localities of Cambridge edited. Boston, rSyi 1,50 Poems collected ed. A Parnassian Shop. W, Nature and Art. The Burning of Schenectady. Bom in MassachusHis 1, d, Orations and Speeches. OO 4S Tappan, W. New England. BifTH in Permsytvama , d, Ways of Europe. New Yorii, 1. The History of Printing in America. Philander Doesticks. Bom in Massachusetts 7, d. Week on Concord and Merrimac Rivers. History of the Spanish Literature.

    W, Bom in Ohio, Fools Errand. The Italian Sketch-Book. Kennedy; i2mo. New York, r87t 1. Sro, New York, 5. The Battle of Tippecanoe. Poem at the Celebration of Peace. My Summer in a Garden. The Wide, Wide World. The Adulateur. Bom in Virginia , d. The Journal of Major G.

    Dinwiddle to the Com- mandant of Ohio, etc. The Wickedest Women in New York. Speech on the Greek Revolatioo. II, , vol. The Advantages and Disadvant. Lexington, with other Poems. Bastiat's Sophisms of Protectionists, with Preface. New York, i 3. Barn at IVest Hills, Z. Leaves of Grass β€” 12 Poems. Folio, Brooklyn, 18C5. I2mo, Camden, Bom at Haverhiil, N. Legends of New England. Adams edited. Philadelphia, 3.

    Dillingham, with Introductory Poem by Whittier. Woolman edited. Child edited. A L'Abri or Tent Pitched, i2mo. OO Lady Jane, and other Poems. Class Poem. Booth in 12 Dramatic Characters. Cecile Dreeme. Generations of my students have used it for their academic research, as well as informing themselves about the continued oppression of women in our society and how to fight against it. The Library is now the only archive in London where a wide array of feminist publications are truly accessible to the general public and available on the open shelves. It also provides one of the few spaces in central London where women and feminist activists can come together to meet and organise for a better world.

    If the Feminist Library is evicted from its current premises, Southwark Council will not only be guilty of cultural vandalism but also of silencing women.

    Ephemera Series by Anne Bishop

    We also provide space for meetings, readings, exhibitions and events, a space which supports and encourages research, mutual support, activism and community projects, with well over 20 different groups having used the events space just in the past calendar year, a number of them national and international. We are volunteer led, as we have been all our life; we are intergenerational, being significant custodians of our feminist heritage, whilst looking to the future; and our approach is intersectional β€” we provide a space for different feminisms to co-exist.

    We support not just archiving work, but also publish our own zines and support independent producers and artists. We are a registered charity, and completely self-funding. Uniquely, their well-being and finances have been swiftly and stealthily annihilated: BackTo60 - the return of their earned dues, in full - is what 50sWomen demand. Shut down Roosh V meetings in the UK As he spreads his hateful speech and guides people on how to exploit, manipulate and rape women, he's putting the welfare of women at risk.

    He needs to be stopped by all genders, within our communities. Having written a number of jaw-droppingly offensive blog posts and published books, Roosh V believes that men should stop asking for permission, and that alpha males should slowly break down the confidence in women to get what they want. He is a hugely dangerous individual. His fans have extensive forums online, detailing where to 'pick up the easiest girls' in each city, naming bars, venues and strategies. Roosh V needs to be stopped.

    Please sign. Shut down Roosh V meetings in Wales RooshV, a militant pro-rape pick-up artist is holding gatherings for his followers in Cardiff on 6th February This makes our city unsafe. Promoting rape is hate speech, and should be treated as such. This makes our cities unsafe for at least half the population. I myself was living within a safe house in Bristol with my one year old son when I started this petition. It took me almost a year to move out and that is relatively quick as many women I left behind have been there 2 years and counting.

    Currently women and families living in temporary housing that need help from social housing to move on are not given priority. This petition is to get Bristol City Council to change the banding criteria to put vulnerable women and children into the highest band, Band 1. Despite being officially classed as homeless and at risk, the current highest banding we can be put into is Band 2. Not all women even get up to Band 2! This petition has got us some great attention and coverage and the issue was out to Bristol City Council in March as a motion to change the banding.

    A vote was taken and we got a unanimous yes vote. We thought we had won and the change would be made. Unfortunately politics is never that simple. The then mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, did not action the motion so it was not put through. As the local councillor and mayoral elections were coming up we knew we would not see a change happen till after May. So continuing to campaign we attended mayoral hustings, posed questions on radio programmes and used social media to reach out to all the mayoral candidates to give a response to this band change.

    All were extremely positive about making this change and promised to see it happen. Marvin Rees, the new mayor of Bristol, went as far as putting it into his campaign manifesto to become mayor. Now he is in power, and has been for over days, we still have not seen the band change!

    So now we are calling on him to make good on his promise and help save many lives. Bristol City Council needs to give priority banding to re house survivors of domestic abuse to literally save lives. Having to wait months to get into emergency accommodation is not good enough.

    Having to wait years to get out of emergency accommodation is not good enough. Please sign this petition to make Marvin Rees stick to his promise and make this important change! Thank You. Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives "No parent should have to hold their children and comfort them as they die, or be told that their child has been harmed in an act of revenge or rage.

    Over the last 10 years, 19 children and 2 women have died as a result of unsafe child contact, formal or informal, with a parent who is also a perpetrator of domestic abuse. These deaths were avoidable. To protect children, the family courts must put children's safety at the heart of any decisions they make about contact with a known perpetrator of domestic abuse.

    Whilst only a minority of child contact cases, after the parents have separated, are taken to the family courts many of these cases involving domestic abuse result in contact decisions which do not put the children's safety and best interests first. This can leave them, and their non-abusive, parent in considerable danger. What the Frack!